Member of Salzburg Art Association / Salzburger Kunstverein

Member of the Association of Professional Artists of Austria / Berufsvereinigung der Bildenden Künstler Österreichs


The intentions that initiate and guide me through the making, and the stories I'm trying to tell are all related to our human connection with our surroundings, with nature. I am searching for the energy that keeps it all together... the circle of life, our own, and of all living beings. I wish for my work to have a life of it's own. It should bring joy, peace and tranquility in the heart of the viewer. I like my work to be simple, or at least to look as if it was simple. Simplifying and reducing are often guidelines to my work and my life.


My goal is to develop my creativity and find my own forms of expression that can carry my stories to the viewer.


2003 - 2008 Bachelor of Arts & Design at the University of Arts in Timisoara, Romania

Group Exhibitions

2022.05.13 - 20 "Mehr als Licht - Schattenraum", TIMO’s Living Room, Wien, Austria


2022.05.07 - 27 "This planet is lent to us" Reither Haus, Herzogenburg, Austria


2022.04.19 - 24 "Wege des Wassers" Alte Schieberkammer, Wien, Austria

2022.03.04 - 2022.04.01 "Macht der Worte" Vienna Calligraphy Center, Wien, Austria


2022.01.26 - 2022.02.27 "Malen ohne gefallen zu wollen" Langenzersdorf Museum, Austria

2021.11.02 - 13 "Open Exhibition 2021 SWAcArt" Kennaway House, Sidmouth, Devon, United Kingdom

2021.10.15 - 27 "Art Award", Association of Professional Artists of Austria, Wien, Austria

2020.11.26 "The International Biennal of Miniature Arts Timisoara" Faculty of Arts and Design Timisoara, Romania


2020.11.04 "Reflections 2020" The South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, Exeter, United Kingdome


2020.10.09 - 2020.12.15 „Kunst im Weinviertel“, Schloss Großrußbach, Austria

2020.10.09 "Lange Nacht der Museen" Vienna Calligraphy Center, featured with work in the permanent collection of VCC

2020.08.28 - 2020.09.11 "Rhythmus & Duktus"  Calligraphy Center, Wien, Austria


2020.01 „Seen Forms“ HYB4 Galerie, Kampus Hybernska, Prague, Czech Republic

2019.11 Nominated for "Kitz Art Award 2019", Kitzbühel, Austria 


2019.11 “The South West Academy Open Exhibition 2019” Exeter Castle, United Kingdom 


2019.11 "Eigene Sicht der Dinge 2019" Association of Professional Artists of Austria, Kunstsalon Schönbrunn, Wien, Austria

2019.11 "VAO Visual Art Open 2019" Chester, United Kingdom 

2019.04 "Micro" Air Gallery, Manchester, United Kingdom

2018.11 “The South West Academy Open Exhibition 2018” Exeter Castle, United Kingdom

2018.02 “Printmakers at Town Mill Arts” Town Mill Galleries, Lyme Regis, United Kingdom

2017 “Nonesuch Art of Paper Awards” Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada


2021.10 "Art Award" 3rd prize, Association of Professional Artists of Austria, Wien, Austria

2021.10 "IOAF 2021 - International Ocean Art Festival" Merit Award, Asian Federation of Arts Culture and Science, South Korea, Exhibition at the China Maritime Museum, Shanghai

2020 Luxenbourg Art Prize: "Certificate of Artistic Merit" by the Pinacothèque of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


2021 "Kunst in Bewegung - 110 Jahre Berufsvereinigung der Bildenden Künstler Österreichs" ISIN: 978-3-200-08054-6


2021.05 Apero Art Catalogue - Mai edition, pages 48 & 49

2020.09 Apero Art Catalogue - September edition, pages 54 & 55 

2020.10 Vernissage - magazine featuring Austrian art exhibition events, page 51

Works in permanent collections

Vienna Calligraphy Center, Austria